Product Questions

Which markets and timeframes can I trade with MoonAlgo?

MoonAlgo tools empowers you to trade across a diverse range of international markets, including equities, indices, currency, futures, and commodities. You have the flexibility to choose from multiple timeframes, such as 1m, 5m, 30m, 1H, 4H, 1D, and 1W, catering to various trading strategies like scalping, swing trading, and options trading. Keep in mind that the optimal timeframe depends on the prevailing market conditions and your individual trading style, allowing you to tailor your approach for maximum effectiveness.

Does MoonAlgo's indicators repaint?

Rest assured, MoonAlgo's indicators or signals are non-repainting. Whether it's a fast-moving indicator that closely follows data during price action or a slow-moving indicator that appears at the end of the analyzed candle timeframe, our indicators maintain their accuracy. By combining both types of indicators, you can create effective trading strategies. With MoonAlgo, you have access to a comprehensive toolkit of non-repainting fast-moving and slow-moving indicators, ensuring reliable and trustworthy signals for your trading decisions.

When is a signal considered confirmed?

A signal is confirmed only when the candle has closed, meaning that both the previous candle has finished and the next candle has begun. This ensures the reliability of the signal and provides a clear indication of market conditions. By waiting for the candle to close, traders can make informed decisions based on confirmed signals, enhancing their trading accuracy and effectiveness.